PODCAST SUMMARY: For this episode, I traveled (virtually) to snowy Vancouver, Canada to catch up with the fabulous Trena White. A 20 year esteemed veteran of the publishing world and the Co-Founder and Principal of Page Two Books.

I talk with Trena about the surprising chain of events that led she and her friend, Jesse Finkelstein to imagine and create a new model for publishing. She talks with me about the role kindness is playing in their growth and success at Page Two, their exciting new partnership with MacMillan and the decisions she and her team have made that are transforming the publishing industry.

Meet Trena White

Trena knows her way around the world of book publishing. After spending a successful and respected career in the traditional world, she and her good friend Jesse decided to reimagine and inspire an industry. They founded Page Two Books where Trena is the Co-Founder and Principal- leading her team with kindness and purpose.

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