PODCAST SUMMARY: This week, I’m sharing a conversation with David Pearl that took place in London, back in Winter 2021.

The author, artist and Founder of Street Wisdom talks with me about guilty pleasure, kinship, “now-ness” and the Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang influence he’s trying to undo through his work. He shares the thing that “knocked him sideways” and when he does, he blazes new ground here on Kindness Think Tank.

*Note: I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to talk with so many incredibly inspiring people from around the world every week. I treasure every sacred conversation. Something about this one struck a new chord in my heart. I hope you’re fortunate enough to experience something similar.

Other books mentioned during the episode:
Human Kind by Rutger Bregman
Breath by James Nestor

Meet David

David is the author of Wanderful , an artist and the Founder of Street Wisdom, a non-profit connecting strangers in 67 countries. He is also a podcast host and the talk show host of Green Room. His work intersects business, the arts and social change.

Twitter: @davidpearlhere

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