PODCAST SUMMARY: This week, we’re taking a trip across the pond to London, to catch up with Ozlem Tuskan: kind soul, single mum and badass Founder of The Resilient who’s turning the VC community upside down on and on its ear.

Ozlem talks with me about ‘life quakes’, bold resilience, finding your voice, quantum physics, kindness and building a new arena for women founders who are leading the way in creating sustainable businesses.




Meet Ozlem

Ozlem is the Founder of The Resilient where the mantra is “rise and thrive.” She is a business strategist, branding expert and executive coach who is partnering with women founders committed to creating conscious and responsible companies. Through her work, she’s revealing the astounding gender bias with regard to VC funding and meeting it head on to change the paradigm.

Her work spans multiple countries advising major global organisations such as L’Oreal, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Google UK.


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