PODCAST SUMMARY: This week’s episode unfolds in Traverse City Michigan where I spent a little time with Bill Palladino: passionate old house rehabber and former corporate exec turned happiness guru recognized as an expert for putting positive psychology to work inside of companies and communities.

Bill talks with me about the science of happiness, rest stop pamphlets that turned into a major movement, the leader who told him to stop smiling, kindness Judo and surprise inspiration from Star Trek.

Meet Bill

Bill is a Founder, Keynote Speaker and Economic Development Director. His company, Krios Consulting, offers programs in positive psychology (Grateful Logic™) and business ethics (Ethical Logic™). Through his partnership with ITLN, Bill also provides training and coaching for Shawn Anchor’s Happiness Advantage – Orange Frog Workshop™. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, community groups and governmental agencies.
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