PODCAST SUMMARY: This week, I’m traveling down to the Peach tree State of Georgia to talk with Kevin Foster: CEO of Business Ethics Advisors and motivational keynote speaker.

Kevin courageously talks with me about the circumstances that forced him to trade the life he knew for 37 months in federal prison. We talk about the choice he made that reminded him of who he was during the grueling 28 days he spent in solitary confinement, the injustices of the prison system in America, his work inspired by his experience and how the humanity and kindness he discovered in unexpected places shaped him and the life he lives today.

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a motivational speaker and the CEO of Business Ethics Advisors. He speaks nationally on ethics and compliance in Corporate America. Kevin uses his E.T.H.I.C.S. tools to provide ethics awareness and solutions so that others will be prepared to identify the personal characteristics and circumstances leading to unethical behavior.

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