PODCAST SUMMARY: This week, I’m popping across the pond to Ascot, East Berkshire England to visit with my dear friend Wood. Magnus Wood. Gin maker. Narrow boat owner. Full on King of Kindness.

We talk about what turned him on about the secret stash he found while rooting around a mighty Redwood, serendipity that inspired an unlikely friendship and the necessity of questioning leadership and disrupting corporate mindset. We give listeners a glimpse into our collaboration to redefine business and create kind, kick-ass workplaces that honor people and planet.

Meet Magnus

Magnus is the Founder of The Kindness Consultancy, author of The Kindness Code, the host and curator of UK’s Kindfest2020, TEDx host, yogi, cook and father of two beautiful daughters.

He’s on a mission to inspire workplaces where kindness is embedded in the organization’s culture and operating system to unlock the power of people and kindness at work.

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