PODCAST SUMMARY: In this last episode of Season 1, I head over to Chardonne, Switzerland to talk with the soulful Alexander Inchbald: extreme artist, best selling author and Founder of Masterpiece Movement. In his intelligent, funny and authentic way, he shares his knowledge of ancient cultures, the why for his work and how he believes we can transform the planet and positively influence the next 5,000 year cycle of humanity.

Meet Alexander

Alexander has studied creation for over 40 years—painting in extreme locations all over the world, and his most recent book, combined the physiology, psychology, neurology, epigenetics and metaphysics of creativity with what wisdom cultures have known for millennia. He has worked on all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for organizations like UNICEF, WHO, UN, ICRC, HP, Samsung and Richemont. He is also acting as Creative Director of the largest Congress looking at the future of money. He lives with his wife and children above Lake Geneva.

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