PODCAST SUMMARY: This week, I travel just outside of Manhattan to catch up with Claude Silver. She talks with me about the 93 day Outward Bound trip that changed her life, the touching talk between she and Gary Vaynerchuk that led to her role and why tenderness and emotional optimism are essential for people and business.

(*A note to my listeners: Claude and I recorded on a weirdly warm and windy day. We opened the windows to enjoy the air. We ask that you please excuse the occasional sounds of it rustling papers on the desk. Sometimes, that’s just how the wind blows.)

Meet Claude Silver

Claude Silver is a long-time tree hugger, the host of Silver Linings podcast, a soulful, blind faith optimist and the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia. Since 2016, her sole professional purpose has been to create space that holds people with tenderness and to infuse the creative and media agency she calls home with kindness, heart and good vibes.

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