The Cool Audrey Philosophy

You have to know how to bring people together
before you can move them forward.

People create business outcomes.

Kind companies supercharge their people, outcomes and brand.

Mindset, values and environment influence the choices we make, the relationships we build and the outcomes we create. When companies adopt corporate kindness as part of their core value system and operational model, people thrive and so does business.

corporate kindness infographic

What I’m Up To

I’m teaching people how to develop kindness as a core competency for business.

Companies that adopt kindness as a foundational operational model for business, create trust, amplify the best in people, inspire customers and accelerate growth.

Why I Focus on Kind Business

Business is a human thing.

Neuroscience shows compassion and collaboration are innate. When companies embed kindness into their DNA, they create behaviors, operational models and environments that support those innate human capacities- the ones that help people connect, create and grow.

Corporate kindness elevates people, our relationships, experiences and business outcomes.

People create culture: a living, breathing, ever changing thing, owned by everyone at every level.


Leaders set the tone. They’re the internal brand for the people they lead and the external brand for the companies they represent.

Kind leaders:
  • Value, inspire, trust and empower
  • See problems as possibilities
  • Engage purposefully to leave everyone and everything better


Teams take what their companies do into the world.

Kind teams:
  • Share trust, collaborate, strategize and innovate without fear or judgement
  • Engage in positive conflict and come out better on the other side
  • Leave one another better


Organizations are collections of people.

Kind organizations:
  • Choose and live values that honor people and planet
  • Create operational constructs that support the overall wellbeing, engagement, performance and growth of people
  • Make choices big and small that leave everyone and everything better

Kindness is not a program, slogan or campaign.

It’s a capacity, a choice, and an actionable commitment to do no harm- to leave everyone and everything better.

Meet Cole

Hey there. I’m Cole Baker Bagwell. (My friends call me CB2.) I’m an unconventional blend of a badass business strategist, mindfulness practitioner, writer, speaker and corporate hippie.

Over my 25+ years in business, I’ve learned three truths that guide my work:

  1. People are innately good.
  2. Nurturing the soul of business amplifies our innate goodness.
  3. Kindness radically transforms people and the outcomes we create.

The last six years of my corporate career in sales and strategy were my most favorite because I was part of building something incredible. I left a cozy job to earn less money and join a little tech start-up whose first core value was “be kind”. Those two words didn’t just hang on a wall. They defined who we were and how we worked.

We built a beloved global brand with a cult-like following that was so well adopted and earning so much market share it was just plain silly. We quickly got acquired by Red Hat because of how we worked together and took our work into the world.

I partnered with technology teams inside of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley and the biggest banks on Wall Street. Awareness, intention and a commitment to kindness guided everything I did. I developed deep levels of trust, connection and understanding with my teams. The good human stuff we shared led to relationships that supercharged us and our clients.

We cracked the code on crazy complex business puzzles when no one else could. The solutions we built created award winning outcomes and we had a total blast along the way. The business experiences we shared made us unicorns. That realization inspired one wild idea.

What if I could build a company, website and body of work that could help other people have those same good vibe experiences by teaching them how to bring kindness into business? I zeroed in on the mindset, tenets and practices that helped me, my teams and our clients experience the very best stuff in business. I packaged them all up, added a heap of data, research and science, launched Cool Audrey® and here we are.

I’m putting kindness to work™ and sharing a big human approach for business and beyond through this website, my ever growing body of work and two feel good podcasts: Kindness Think Tank and Little Shots of Kindness.

The future of business is kind. Unimaginable possibilities are waiting for us. Let’s go.

“Kindness is our nature. It’s a capacity born of compassion and intention that marries the mind with the heart. Kindness is a force for good valued by the wise, the courageous, the curious and the visionaries. Kindness is the single most transformative agreement we can make with one another.”