Labels. Chosen. Created. Inherited. Assumed.

Leader, contributor, seller, PhD, author, designer, accountant, custodian, musician. Employed/unemployed, seeking. Networker, influencer, hustler

She/her, He/him, All. Black, white, Mexican, Asian, Protestant, Muslim, atheist. Gay, straight, GenX, GenZ, Boomer, Millennial

Democrat, republican, independent, addict, owner, renter, divorcee, parent, sister, daughter, son

“This is who we are world. This is what we do.”

Destination? Level 3- Maslow’s house: belong, impress. To be revered in business, in life

What labels are you wearing? Who chose them? Do they fit? Did they ever? Which are faded, outdated, pinching, suffocating? Which feel like your favorite pair of blue jeans?

Why are they there? If you strip them off, one at a time, who are you left with?

Living lives we choose for ourselves is kind. In EP24 of Kindness Think Tank podcast, Neuroagility coach, Omozua Isiramen talked with me about her “super secret coat”, the freedom of being “nakedly human” and living in an authentic world we create for ourselves. Lace up your sneakers, grab your headphones and click here to listen to the full episode.