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A Monologue Is Not A Meeting

Take a look at your calendar today. Is it one big giant blob of “meetings”? Are you saying yes when you should say no?

Create the Pause

It’s super important to break down the difference between stress and stressors for a couple of reasons…

Be Brave

What if you could redefine your “work” so what you ”have to do” becomes what “has to be done” because it sets your sou on fire?

How We Show Up Matters

How we “show up” matters. I’m not talking about your hair, your clothes or your shoes. I’m talking about your vibe…


Generosity sparks something positive on a cellular level in our brains that has the power to change us…

Names Are Magical

Generic words like resource, asset and capital do not describe people. They strip the humanity right out of business…

Nice and Kind Are Not The Same

There’s nothing wrong with being nice but largely, “nice” doesn’t cut the mustard. Kind is a wholly different thing…