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Adapting, Shifting, Healing

In this slowing down of life, we are learning and we are becoming better. This Earth that we share is becoming better too.


B.C. (before COVID), we were different. Could this be our second Renaissance?

Humanity Rising

Humanity is not caving in the wake of COVID. It’s elegantly and deliberately rising. Locally, nationally and globally, people are pulling together…

Embrace the Pace

We’ve been racing non-stop through blurry days, with swirling minds, sleep deprived and exhausted for decades…

Under Pressure

Fear causes chaos. COVID-19 is causing fear and disruption to business globally. But, what if we imagined the best…

Purpose Culture

With so many meaningful questions, how many times you’ve been asked, “So, what do you do?”

Baby ‘Magining

Sometimes, our goodness gets maxed. The gremlins win and we fold. When I’m in a situation and my agitation nerve starts firing, I make a choice…