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Channeling Our Rage

We are not just here. We are here again. Every single one of us should be…

We Can Go Either Way

We cannot undo the wrongs that happened last night or rewrite any of our past. We can decide what we want for each day that follows…

These Days

As we lowered the top, and turned on the radio, I began thinking about Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant and their prophetic words from 1992..

Short Stories, Tall Places

My gondola scene isn’t something people who know me would ever imagine. They would tell you I’m a brave person.

Tilling the Soil of Business

Mindfulness is not soft, woo-woo stuff. It’s a decision made by people and it’s the gateway to kindness…

Back to Normal?

“When will life get back to normal?” This is the one question not a single person on this planet can answer…

Adapting, Shifting, Healing

In this slowing down of life, we are learning and we are becoming better. This Earth that we share is becoming better too.


B.C. (before COVID), we were different. Could this be our second Renaissance?