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Employees Have The Power

If your company is experiencing employee attrition, it will likely get worse. Work is changing because our expectations of work are changing.

Business Is A Human Thing

I got curious at the tail end of 2020. I wanted to understand whether or not companies got kinder during COVID. I launched a two day survey on LinkedIn…

A Commentary on Kind Capitalism

Last Sunday, my son Luke and I noodled on what we’ve learned from COVID, social good and how to fix capitalism. Heavy stuff.

Who is Cool Audrey Anyway?

The name of my company has created unintended mystery. As we kick off Women’s history month, it’s time for a little explaining…

Rethinking Corporate Wellness

If we rethink corporate wellness and get curious about the root causes at work that cause us to be unwell, could we actually become more well?

Kindness Rocks

These little masterpieces remind me that no matter how rough we are around the edges, we can become symbols of kindness…

Capacity, Mindset, Choice

January 20, 2021: Today, we’re turning a page on history here in the US and for the world we share…

Trust at Work

Trust. It’s a core ingredient for every healthy personal and professional relationship…