Nice and kind are not the same. “Nice” is a word we say. “Kind” is something we are or can become when given the experience, environment or opportunity.

Webster defines the two like this:
Nice: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory; fine or suitable.
Kind: the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice but largely, “nice” doesn’t cut the mustard. It lacks sincerity. You just don’t have to dig that deep or work very hard to land at “nice”. It’s descriptive and yes, polite. That’s about it. How many times (today) have you said: “It’s nice to see you.” “It’s nice outside.”

Think about how it feels when you’re on the other end of “nice”. It’s like saying “fine” when someone asks, “How are you?” Not a lot of effort or care goes into nice.

Kind is a wholly different thing. It stems from a place of compassion. It’s deep seeded, intentional and honest. It prompts action rooted in choice. Extending kindness is magical. It’s the foundation for creating trust, joy, patience and building understanding, regardless of our differences. It’s common ground that enables us to navigate even the most difficult situations as more thoughtful, generous, connected and effective people. Choose to be kind. Let me know what happens.