Generic words like resource, asset and capital DO NOT describe people. In fact, they strip the humanity right out of business. Using empty words to describe people turns people into faceless widgets. Making decisions for and about people becomes a lot like swapping out a chair. The caring melts away and relationships suffer.

I was talking with a VP about a project when she mentioned, “needing a resource”.
I asked, “Do you mean like water or air?”
“No”, she said, “I mean I need a person.”
I asked, “Then why didn’t you just say that?”

Names are magical. Noodle back to your days of stuffed animals, pet rocks and egg babies. They didn’t breathe or have a heartbeat but you gave them a name anyway. They became yours, they became special. You took care of them.

It’s our job to take care of one another people! Care enough about your self and who you work with to drop the lazy labels. Learn people’s names and use them for Pete’s sake. Toss in a thoughtful adjective to let someone know you see something special in them. Caring about who you work with, what you do and who you serve in business isn’t a thing. It’s THE thing.