How we “show up” matters. I’m not talking about your hair, your clothes or your shoes. I’m talking about your vibe. Have you ever felt super happy and noticed you’d become the Pied Piper of the happy people? Have you ever been in a funk and felt like everyone around you had poison for breakfast? Good vibes and bad vibes are real. Super smart scientists around the world have studied vibrations, frequencies and how they impact the whole.

We tune into each other’s vibes. They affect the way we feel about ourselves and how we respond to one another. When we’re burned out, stressed or grumpy we’re sharing low energy, heavy vibes. When we’re happy, we’re sharing high energy, positive vibes. Like energy creates, attracts and becomes like energy. This is important as we think about business. When we come together, energy connects like a chain, each person adds their link one by one. The collective energy created can be magic or a real downer. We can architect the vibe we share with little shifts: practice mindfulness daily, take in happy, healthy things through all five senses, smile, greet people with a kind word. We can show up, sharing vibes of positivity and totally change the tone of the business we do together and the outcomes we share.