Generosity is about giving without any expectation around a result. It comes from a place of kindness. When we give in that spirit, generosity becomes like fairy dust for business and for life. Generosity sparks something positive on a cellular level in our brains that has the power to change us and the way we engage and respond with the world.

So, why is it so tough for us to give without expectation? Well, we’ve become a society motivated by the result. Social approval, dopamine shots and recognition prompt too many of our actions. We serve food in shelters, build homes for the homeless and then we post on social media to show others we were generous. Heck, donation platforms are even designed to show others how much we’ve pledged. When generosity is fueled by expectation, we lose the pure joy it elicits.

Generosity is about serving each other well. When we approach our work in that spirit, magic happens. Trust develops. Relationships get deeper. Business outcomes we work so hard to drive, take root when we let go.

When you head out for your next meeting, let go of the expectation. Show up to serve the people who chose to share part of their day with you. Generosity attracts generosity. It creates loyalty among people and propagates joy in business