“I’m one of those people, who if you’d asked me in my 20’s, would never have imagined myself in the corporate world. I thought I’d wind up simply and happily working for a non-profit, living in a yurt on a farm raising horses. One twist led to another. When I was 24, I took my first corporate job. The thing I remember most, was how sad and disconnected everyone seemed. The absence of humanity and kindness was overwhelming. I felt like those were things I could share that would make my business different and better. So, I made a choice to authentically show up as myself- a kind, smart, free spirit shaking the proverbial hand of business with total optimism and intention…”

I talked with Beau Henderson at Authority Magazine about how my journey to finding the best part of myself inspired an idea, a company and the courage I needed to own the fact that I’m a proud corporate hippie doing kick-ass business.

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