“When will life get back to normal?” It’s the question not a single human being on this planet can answer. External demands of travel, commuting, carpool and appointments have nearly halted. As we’re adapting and shifting, some of us are embracing the pace, discovering new opportunities for greater dimension, ease and joy in our lives.

Some of us are even busier than we were B.C. Cramming our calendars with “important things”, working longer hours with little to no balance.

Why is it so tough for us to say no?
Three thoughts:

1. The uncertainty of our reality. We feel out of control. In an effort to cope, we bury ourselves in busyness. “Busy” is not a healthy coping mechanism.

2. Old habits. We equate busy with better, more valuable.
It wasn’t true before and it isn’t true now.

3. We want to be able to say we “did something” at the end of this time.

Busy will lead us to the same place as B.C. Overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed, we’ll miss our opportunity to strike balance in our lives by prioritizing our time and building efficiencies into our habits of work.

Wherever you are, you are there by choice. Think before you say yes. Be kind to yourself. Choose wisely. You and your business will be better for it.