The future of business is kind.

If you want to build a thriving 21st-century company, you have to build a new foundation based on awareness, meaningful human connection and a shared commitment to kindness.

Companies that embed kindness into their DNA foster trust, human connection, collaboration and innovation– the things that result in outcomes like stability, revenue and market share.

What do you mean by kindness?

I define kindness as a commitment to do no harm. To leave everyone and everything better.

When that one compassionate commitment becomes the compass for our thoughts, words and actions- good things happen. We reduce the politics, reactions, ego, cognitive biases, language and negative behaviors that create risk, disconnection and vulnerability.

Kindness works.

Kindness spreads like wildfire.

It brings people together so they can move forward toward greatness. It gives them the courage to share their best ideas. Those ideas lead to growth, innovation and industry leadership. Kindness in business gives customers and employees (especially younger ones) a tangible reason to care about your brand.

Kindness can be taught.

It takes attention, intention and effort.
That’s where I come in.

I help people develop kindness as a core competency and the awareness they need to put it into motion in every thought, word and action.

Kind words from clients

I have a lot to say about kindness.

Feel good, super real conversations with amazing people who are bringing kindness into their lives, communities and work with purpose.

I created the Kindness Think Tank™ podcast to inspire a community, mindset and movement of actionable kindness in this big world that we share and to make it easier to spot as we move through it together.

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